The very first time I met this young artist, we spoke for hours, just about anything and painting and the world. I have to say that Lizzie Sharp is honest, and has the biggest heart I have ever met in Industry. We have spent many journeys together, even travelled to another continent. Her work ethics are pure, and her arti s sublime.

Deb Muller


A warm and open creative mind that inspires and drives! She is full of love and has a light that is undenia

Sameerah Hoddison

Lizzie Sharp is a true artist who studied not only the craft of makeup and fx, she also has a visual arts degree placing her in the forefront of designing makeups that are unique and have a very specific style.Lizzie is talented, generous, inspiring and l love working with you lady, you totally know how to bring the artist in someone xxxx

Helen Magelaki


I can’t wait to work with Lizzie again; Imagination, precision, and innovation are three words that describe her art work. Caring, thoughtful, and fun describe her demeanor. Lizzie is a shining star.

Sina King


Just brilliant and fun too!!

John Brumton